Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Some other benefits of walking are as follows

Some other benefits of walking are as follows:

  • It improves circulation, as the muscles of the biggest reservoir of blood, the calf muscles, gets regularly contracted and relaxed to send the blood towards the heart and back to other organs of body. This results in better oxygenation of the blood. The improvement in oxygenation also occurs as one breathes more frequently during walking specially during brisk walking. That is why walking in a pollution free environment is recommended. 
  • Because of better circulation during walking, one might also feel improvement in his urination. This is also helped by brisk breathing during which more water vapour is lost from the body and the person feels more thirsty. Better urination also helps in elimination of nitrogenous wastes from the body. Not only urination, but perspiration also eliminates waste products from the body.
  • The regular movements of body including the contraction of muscles of abdominal wall improves the movement of food in the intestines (peristalsis). this facilitates elimination of stools (defecation).

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How to go for a walk if you live in a crowded place.

If you are living in a market place or a crowded area and you don’t have a road or a place to walk then try the following:
·         Don’t use lifts or escalators, instead climb the stairs. You can use stairs for one floor, walk the lobby or verandah to the other side of the building, where sometimes you will find another set of stairs, repeat the same-walk to the other end and use the stairs on that side. This will give you some rest while walking in the lobby and put a little more stress while climbing the stairs. This will also improve your cardiac strength.
·         You can walk to your office if the distance is sufficient and suits you.
·         You can go to the nearby market or milkman on foot to fetch vegetables or bread or milk.
·         You can leave the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of distance on foot.
·         You can leave your car a little distance away on another parking and walk the rest of the distance on foot.
·         You can accompany your little son or daughter to his or her school on foot n the morning. Take care that your son or daughter doesn't get tired as he or she may still not be as strong as you are.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Burning Calories while walking.

For most people the purpose of walking is to burn calories, become trim, give shape to their body, increase their stamina & increase the flexibility of joints and muscles. These objectives sometimes help in relieving pains & aches in various parts of body.

It might interest you that by walking you will burn almost 100 calories per mile if you are an average weighted person (150 pounds or about 70 Kg). If you are overweight you may burn more calories. Heavy weight persons have to watch out that they don’t get hurt while walking and they should also watch their speed of walking to avoid injuries & fatigue and exhaustion.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tips for the walkers specially for the elderly friends:

Kindly pause for some tips for the walkers specially for the elderly friends:
  1. Don't try to walk on uneven surfaces, they will cause extra friction on your joints which are in a process of wear & tear.
  2. Do not try to jog while walking, as youngsters sometimes do, they will also cause extra wear & tear to your joints
  3. Avoid food or drink for an hour or so before going for a walk. Though you can take water or juice if you are feeling excessive thirst. Take some water or juice after the walk.
  4. Always make sure that you are wearing properly fitting shoes to avoid minor injuries to the toes & even the ankle, knee and hip joints.
  5. Make sure that the lane which you have chosen for the walk do not inhabit stray dogs. Make sure to avoid them if you encounter some of them. You can carry a wooden stick.
  6. Don't walk on lanes which have heavy bushes, specially during rains as some snakes might have come out of their habitats due to water flowing in their habitats.
  7. Don't forget to carry & use your spectacles while walking to ensure proper vision.
  8. Avoid walking during intense cold, specially if you are from the older lot and is having hypertension. Cold causes vaso constriction thereby raises blood pressure.
  9. Carry some glucose biscuits, if you are a diabetic, as you might unknowingly suffer from hypoglycaemia. You will need to replenish blood sugar by consuming glucose biscuits.  

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Before embarking on a walking regimen

Before embarking on a walking regimen, just a word of caution. Make sure that you are not suffering from the  following ailments:
  1. Heart disease.
  2. Kidney disease.
  3. Diseases of joints specially lower limbs.
  4. Generalized swelling over the body.
  5. History of vertigo, faintness, other neurological disorders.
  6. Low blood sugar (usually in patients of Diabetes Mellitus).
  7. Forgetfulness.
To drive my point about forgetfulness, I am going to tell you a story. One person, an M.B.B.S., MD physician, by himself, was suffering from forgetfulness and also from Diabetes Mellitus. He came out of his house for a long walk. As he was walking he forgot to locate his whereabouts. He forgot how to come back home. Because he was Diabetic, he developed hypoglycemia. He felt drowsy and fell on the ground on a footpath and died. Some passerby found his address in his pocket, which was kept for such emergencies. It was too late by then. Unfortunate, isn't it.
So be cautious and consult your doctor if you are suffering from any disease, specially those mentioned above.

Friday, 19 July 2013

If you are hesitant to start going on a walk..

If you are hesitant to start going on a walk,this may help you.

By walking you loosen most of your joints, relax your nerves, relax (vasodilate) your arteries, perspire (helps in loosing salt - a notorious foodstuff causing hypertension), improve functioning of muscles & burn calories (controlling your blood sugar levels). So why wait, start walking right away. 

The more number of days you walk, the more you are going to live.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


If you are health conscious, make it a habit to walk daily for at least forty five minutes (about 3 Kms).

Heavy weights should start with a slow walk, making it brisker as they develop the stamina.

The light weights can start with brisk walk if they don't have a history of heart ailment.

If you have any queries, kindly post it in the comment box.

Monday, 15 July 2013



I am a Doctor by profession.

If you have are having any health related problem and you you feel hopeless, kindly allow me to share the problem. We might together find a solution.